Q-C recyclers have been asking some super questions about the new GO All In recycling program.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Every now and then, we’ll post Q&A based on your questions. Chances are, if one person asked it, many more people are wondering about it.

Here we go!

Plastic bags
Can I recycle plastic bags in my cart if they have a number on them?

A: No. Plastic bags and films of any kind are one of the biggest hazards at our recycling facility. Plastic bags become tangled in our sorting equipment, posing real hazards for our sorting staff. Once staff untangles them, they are trucked to the landfill. You can help keep recycling workers safe by keeping plastic bags out of your recycling cart. Instead, recycle bags at grocery stores.

Can I recycle Styrofoam in my cart if it has a number on it?

A: No. Styrofoam, even if it’s marked with a number, does not go into your cart. Styrofoam should be disposed of in your garbage cart. If you place Styrofoam in your cart, workers must sort it out by hand, and then it gets trucked to the landfill. The process is much more efficient if you place Styrofoam into your garbage cart, instead.

Scraps of metal and metal items
Can I recycle small pieces of metal in my cart? I have curtain rods.

A: No. Scrap metal, no matter how small, does NOT go in your cart. Metal pieces can damage our sorting equipment and create hazards for the people who sort your recyclables by hand. You can recycle scrap metal by dropping it off at the Scott Area Landfill. (The material will be recycled and not landfilled.)

Shredded paper
How do I recycle shredded paper?

A: To recycle shredded paper, place it inside a paper bag. Close the bag and mark it “Shredded Paper” in bold letters. Then place it into your cart. A second option is to bring your shredded paper to to the Scott Area Recycling Center, 5640 Carey Ave., Davenport. There’s a container just for shredded paper in the drop-off recycling area out front.

Pop and beer cartons
Q: Can I still recycle pop and beer cartons?

A: Yes! The slick-coated cartons used to package pop and beer go into your cart.

Window envelopes
Do I need to remove the small, plastic window from envelopes before recycling them in my cart?

A: Nope. The truth is, this hasn’t been a concern for many years. Just pop the whole envelope into your cart!

Any questions?
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