Apr. 18, 2016

Spencer and Mavis the Bulldog Go All In

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With a degree in environmental science, Spencer Brothersen of Davenport knows all the reasons why recycling matters.

His personal favorite? “Recycling allows us to create new things from old,” says the Central High School and University of Iowa graduate.

As an employee of Waste Commission of Scott County, which operates the Recycling Center, Spencer might recycle more than most. He’s looking forward to his new recycling cart for that reason, among others.

“Carts are easier,” he says. “It’s less work for me.”

Apr. 18, 2016

50 Years and Glad to be Recycling

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Back in the 1970s when Bob and Lois Larew moved into their Davenport home, recycling wasn’t an option.

That changed in 1995 when recycling started in Scott County, and the Larews haven’t looked back.

“I can’t think of a time when we’ve not had our recycling cart out to be picked up,” says Bob, a crossing guard at Garfield Elementary School. “We’ve been doing it since recycling started.”

Lois says that with the old recycling program, they usually had too many recyclables to fit into their bins—one for paper, one for containers. The new cart will allow the couple to recycle more with less effort.

“And we look forward to recycling more!” says Bob.

Apr. 18, 2016

A Davenport Family That Recycles Together, Has Fun Together

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Growing up in rural Iowa taught Leslie Klipsch to appreciate green spaces, farm-fresh food and all things natural.

A clean, healthy environment for all is important to this mom of three—Oliver, Eli and Sintayehu—and her husband, Jake.

The Klipsch kids understand why recycling is important—reasons like saving natural resources and keeping the planet clean. They’re excited about recycling more plastics with the new Go All In program, and everyone will be taking turns pushing the new cart to the curb.

“Recycling is important to us,” says Leslie. “It’s definitely a part of daily life.”