Davenport and Bettendorf residents

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Your 95-gallon cart has room for all your recyclables and allows for every-other-week collection. With all the materials that you can recycle, most households will generate enough recyclables to make the large cart necessary.

Studies show that collecting recyclables in big carts every two weeks is the best way to keep costs low and increase efficiency.

More good news: The 95-gallon cart’s footprint almost matches that of an 18-gallon recycling bin or a 65-gallon cart—so it takes up about the same amount of space.

Tip: Don’t let your recycling efforts go to waste! Place all recyclables in your cart loosely. Bags of recyclables placed into your cart cannot be opened after they arrive at the Recycling Center, so they become trash.

Bonus Tip: Have extra recycling following an event or holiday? You still can visit the Recycling Center or one of our drop-off locations to unload extra household recyclables.

Get Your Recycling Collected
To make sure your recycling cart gets collected, you need to park it, point it, and give it space.

What’s that mean?

Please park your cart with the arrows on the lid facing the roadway. Allow four feet of space between your cart and other objects, such as telephone poles or road signs, so that the automated arm of the recycling truck can reach out and “grab” it.

If a vehicle or other object blocks your cart, the arm of the recycling truck can’t reach it. When the recycling driver has to get out of his truck to access your cart, it takes time and costs money—and we want to save those!

Tip: Where and how you place your cart are important for the success of our recycling program. Please take a moment to do it right.

What About Other Recyclables?
Anything that’s not on the list of acceptable recyclables should not go into your new cart. It’s that simple.

But wait—don’t just toss your extra stuff into the trash! You have access to a number of great programs that allow you to recycle or properly dispose of all kinds of materials, from plastic bags and yard waste to electronics and household chemicals.

For information about services available where you live, visit the My Town section.

Tip:  Items that become tangled in sorting equipment — rope, electrical cords and clothing — can create a dangerous situation at the Recycling Center. Please consider the safety of workers and keep these items out of your cart.

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