Here we go! It’s another installment of Recycling Q&A. We’ve compiled the most common question we’ve been hearing about the Go All In recycling program, and we’re answering them here. Have a question for us? Drop us a line at info [at]

Q: How do I recycle shredded paper?

A: Please place shredded paper into a paper bag. Fold it over or staple it, then mark the bag on both sides with the words “Shredded Paper” so that our workers can identify it and pull it off the line for recycling.

Please do not place shredded paper into your cart loosely. If you do, it could become blowing litter when the recycling truck tips your cart.

If you have a large quantity of shredded paper to recycle, you can drop it off in the dedicated roll-off container labeled “Shredded Paper” at the Scott Area Recycling Center, 5640 Carey Ave., Davenport.


Q: I have a small, empty propane tank. Can I recycle it?

A: Yes, but not in your recycling cart! For safety reasons, pressurized cylinders should be disposed of through our Household Hazardous Materials program. Appointments no longer required.


Q: I have an old set of encyclopedias (or other hardback books). How do I recycle these?

A: You can recycle books in your recycling cart. Please remove the covers first.


Q: What do I do with greeting cards?

A: You can recycle paper greeting cards. Please do not recycle cards that contain embellishments such as jewels, ribbons, or other materials. These types of cards can be repurposed for craft projects, such as scrapbooking, or they may be thrown away.


Q: Can I recycle milk cartons?

A: Yes, milk cartons are recyclable. Please empty and rinse before recycling.


Q: I’m confused about Styrofoam. What do I do?

A: Styrofoam is garbage. We do not have a way to recycle it, so it should be thrown away, regardless of the number it may have stamped into it.